Thursday, 10 May 2012

one minute extract

I created a one minute extract based on the song/video J.cole- work out. I wanted to create something simple but still effective and was like the original version of the music video. I decided use 'I movie' as this was a program which i used in year 12 to create my promotional video.Even though I had used it in year 12 I knew that to brush up on my work.
 our one minute extracts look at a boy who is interested in basketball and comes across a girl which he really likes, they end up together and walk away. I used a range of skills in making this one minute extract such as reverse shot. The original has a very bright contrasting effect this was something which i also wanted to incorporate in the extract.
 As a group we knew that we wanted our artist J- Hustle to lip sing in the real music video, this extract allowed up to improve our skills in making the song and the mouth moment of the artist go with each other. Not only did we use editing skills we also used different types of camera skills such as tracking the two young females when they walk into the basketball court and having several long shots and mid shots. our chosen music video conformed to the conventions of the traditional hip hop music video, the idea of the women have strong sex appeal was still very strong within this music video.
 During my course it has allowed me to look at hip hop and the different codes and conventions. The urban setting is something which is seen in a lot of hip hop music videos it allows it to look more realistic but also fell into the whole idea of hip hop being a way of life and living. The whole idea of the young black boy riding a bike and then going into a basketball court is something which would be seen in urban UK hip hop music videos. Creating this music video allowed me to realise that using 'i movie' was something which i didn't feel would work well with my ideas of the J-Hustle music video i wanted it to look sophisticated this was something which i didn't that it would be able to do.

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