Monday, 14 May 2012

My media diary

At the start of my media coursework i created a media diary were logged all the changes and the thing which i was going to be including.

Introduction 10/01/2012
with the research we had we were able to come to a conclusion that our artist was going to be called J Hustle and that we wanted it to target women. During the 10th and 17th  we were able to create a 9 pre production which was able to help for the basis of our music video
 First Draft 17/01/2012
Today we created our one minute extract which was based on the song J. Cole- work out  we decided to use i move as this is something which we are familiar with as we used this last year in creating our promotional video. we were able to get some filming done for our real music video we feel that it would be better if we did the final music video on final cut pro.

- After the photo shoot 22/01/2012
we decided today was going to be the day when we had our photo shoot. I proposed an idea that we could create a sort of street team like in a magazine or something kind of reminiscent of a record label... Young Money, MMG money group and Bad Boys Records.

overall i am really happy with the outcome of today i thought it was going to be worse as i knew it was going to take a long time and i was not sure if the boys would remain focused but they did. i can now start on my ancillary task.

we have been working hard all day because we have our showcase tomorrow where all our friends and family will be able to watch it. we made sure that everything was in order so that we had something to show

we were able to show our music video we received good and positive feedback after the showcase we can together as group to discuss what our next move in making the music video even better this was when we decided to make it black and white this was  essential to final draft making it so much more stronger in terms to emotion we wanted to connect with the audience and we though that this would be the best way.

We are finally finished the music video we have cut down the video from 6:45 minutes to 4:40 which is more regular for music videos. I am so proud of me and my group we were able to cut it down but still get the important information which is needed 

the deadline for our media blog is approaching and i am getting a little stressed i hope i can post everything up in time. my evaluation is looking good and i think a few more slides just need to be put in and making it look more like media as their is a lot of writing i want to put more images and still shots of the music video.

after all of that i was able to get everything posted up i hope i have done enough to get a good grade but only time will tell.

Ama xx

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  1. Your presentation on Music in the Online Age was due today on your blog and isn't. Please rectify by start of next week. Thanking you.