Monday, 9 April 2012

Rolling papers ( Wiz khalifa) digi pak

Wiz khalifa came out big in 2011 with the single 'Black and Yellow' after which followed his album 'Rolling papers' which was also a big success.Even thought Wiz khalifa has been out for a long time he was more of an underground artist he was not known on the global scale this was the album which made him known by many hip hop fans. That being said the art on the album cover has a close up picture of him which has been put into smoke this is to show the audience who he is and close ups tend to show power this is what wiz khalifa is trying to portray that he is here and he is not going anyway. The image being put into green smoke is the smoke from the weed which he is known to do and the album name which refers to smoking weed once again the album uses dark colours and the main predominant colour is black this is something which is common in hip hop.
The back and front all use the same colours the album is very consistent with its colours this is something which i should also consider when coming to create my digi pak the image once again is in green smoke which spells out his name he is trying to make a statement which this album as a somewhat new artist this is also something which i need to consider when i come and create J Hussles first album.
The album name and colours which have been used in creating this album show to the audience that the theme for the album is mainly yo do with smoking weed.


  1. Have a general proof read (out loud usually works well) to check the quality of your written communication.

    Some ideas to develop:
    Repeat for a second album to show more detailed consideration of the range of Hip Hop albums as per the initial task.
    Consider the use of font too.
    Have a look back at the top grade examples I gave you and see if there is anything in addition you think you could include.

  2. Ignore that comment about doing it for a second album, you have. I was thinking I'd seen a second one...apologies, my bad.