Saturday, 7 April 2012

I am Sasha Fierce (Beyonce) digi pak analysis

As part of my media coursework i have decided to create a Music video aswell as a Digi pak. For me to get a better understand and to make my digi pak as accurate a possible i have decided to analyses  some of the digi pak which atrisit in my music genre have already created.
 The first album i have decided to analyse is 'Beyonce- I am Sasha fierce'.

 Beyonce is known to be an RnB artist she has emotional slow love song but for this album she created a second persona which was know as Sasha fierce. The art work for this album displayed Beyonce but also displayed this new persona which she has. The front cover of the album is the Beyonce which people already know the one which shows her vulnerable side. The cover is in black and white this is common colours used for Hip Hop and RnB'.

The back cover for 'Beyonce's- I am Sasha fierce' has her alter ego we are given a mid shot of her and her top is in colours these are colours which people would associate with hip hop and RnB. Gold is used a lot in the hip hop genre this is to show off their wealth and status this is also what beyonce her auto ego has also done.
Throughout beyonce digi pak the only colours which she uses is black,white and gold theses are very common colours which are used in the hip hop industry. the art work of the albums are very simple but also very effective.she doesn't have much going on something which i have notice through all the digi paks which i have been looking at.

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  1. You could:
    comment on the posture and framing of the front cover shot and how that is effective.
    Comment on the typography.
    What is significant about the changes in posture between front and back covers? Try to be really exact and specific...
    How does the cd design develop the ideas of the front and back cover?