Friday, 6 April 2012

cast members

J Hustle the main artist we are using for our music video. His task is to sing the choruses and verses in the song How to love as this is the song we are using.  The reason behind his name beign J Hustle is that it fits the market criteria for hip hop we were able to find the name for our artist during our initial research we gave them a variety of name to pick from and J hustle was agree by the majority that this would be more of an effective name it was clear that the name fitted into the conventions of hip hop
Ben(left)- he is the abusive husband in the relationship who abuses his wife played by ama. his role is to bring out the emotion within the song and show actions of abuse to his wife. We used him because he looked suited for the role we wanted him to play.

Ama- Ama thought her life was on its way up when she fell in love with Ben but was mistake because 6 months into the marriage he became abusive. Ama has been putting up with her violent husband for several years because she believes this is what love really is.when she discovers she has a chance of catching HIV she has no other choice but to leave the situation before its too late.
Faith- Faith lost her mother at child birth and her father was sent to prison on her 10th birthday. Faith has been through so much and with the death of the grandma at 15 has made her turn to drug abuse. she is so depressed with her life and so high from the drugs she ends up taking and overdose.

Amina- Amina has suffered from bulling throughout her life due to this is dealing with insecurity issues. Her not having a loving mother and father has made it hard for her to turn to anyone. she has reached the stage were she feels that the only way to get out of her nightmare is to take her own life.

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  1. How, be specific, does the name fit the market criteria?

    Each post needs a proof read for clarity.