Friday, 6 April 2012

Audience - Initial branding

With the case study of creating an artists, track and album name me and my group went straight to the drawing board to come up with the best possible names for a hip hop artist. we wanted  a new fresh name but one which represented the market which we were trying to attract.we came up with a wide range of names for the artists such as 'Joey Stacks' 'Lil JJ' 'killer'. we finally came to a conclusion that the name J Hussle more suitable for our artist but to ensure that the audience would feel the same we carried out a primary and secondary research. we not only went around asking our target audience if they felt that this name would be successful and would attract them to listen to J Hussle but we also had to make sure that their was no other artist under this name and this is where out secondary research came in.
We decided on the song Lil Wayne- 'How to love' we loved the message which is was sending out and felt that we could do a lot with the song. We wanted to keep the title the same as we felt that it was sending out the message we were trying to portray.we did give alternatives to track names to our audience in our questionnaire which were 'stole' 'love lost' 'hope' and we also allowed the to give name if they didn't think non of the above names were appropriate.

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  1. And what were the views of your audience? What did they think?