Thursday, 26 January 2012

what has been the impact on the internet on media production ?

Shirky believes that all forms of media are moving to the internet this could be seen to be true with the growth of 'Itunes' and mix tape downloading online their has been a fall in the amount of people buying albums in stores as now people can get it one day in advanced on, in without having to queue. With 'I tune' coming online it has allowed audience to pick and choose the different songs which they want to listen to they have the choice of not buying the whole album. with this being said it makes the artist not want to perform to their full potential when making a album.
Piracy- this is when the consumers/ audience share videos and films without having the right to do so. piracy is a criminal offence  but many still do it. The disadvantage with piracy is that it stops artists or actors from making films because they know that they will not get the earnings which is due and people can watch the films online. piracy does not only prevent people from producing their work but it also challenges the ownership

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  1. Target: Refer specifically to how two different media industries have been impacted by the topic you are discussing. Use all your independent research.

    Also, have a look at the essay plan I gave you - include a section on each of these.