Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Michael Wesch

Michael Wesch is a professor at Kansas state university where he educates cultural anthology his work also includes media ecology. Wesch stated exploring the way media was affect human and created a group ‘digital ethnography’ exploring human use on digital technology. Michael Wesch was one of the main proponents which came up with the idea of web 2.0, web 2.0 looks at the interaction with prosumer and the people online.web 2.0 allow people to collaborate with social networks, it also limits the passive viewing. Even thought the social media is expanding people are becoming less passive and becoming more dependent on social networks. The new web 2.0 is significant to media studies as it is showing the evolution on the internet and how powerful it has becoming over the past years and how people can now communicate with each other through the internet something which people could not do.

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