Monday, 28 November 2011

social network & blogging 3.0

Twitter is the new social network which taking the internet by storm twitter was laughched in 2006 it started off slowly but gained 300 million users  by 2011. Twitter was launched by Jack Dorsey it is a place were people can write what is on their mind and share music and images.
Google opensocial-
OpenSocial is an applican which was created by Google with other social networks.It was realised in November 1st 2007OpenSocial is commonly described as a more open cross-platform alternative to the Facebook Platform, a proprietary service of the popular social network service Facebook.After launching Facebook Platform in late May 2007,as well as acquiring startup web desktop company, parakey in mid-July 2007,the fast-growing Facebook has been widely reported as a challenger to Google in establishing and leveraging a ubiquitous web operating system.

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