Wednesday, 2 November 2011

How do people in the UK use online sources to search for holidays?

How do people in the UK use online sources to search for holidays?
Since the growth of the online media people have been using it for a variety of things such as keeping in contact with family and friend but also people have started using the online sources to book their holidays as it’s faster than going to a travel agent. Statists show that women are more likely to book online holidays then men, researchers are now becoming more efficient with the technology so they are looking for their trusted brands but also looking at holidays which take the shortest time. Before the recession in 2009 the main destinations for people travelling on holiday was New York, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Rome after the recession hit the rates of people going on short holidays fell to 13% of the population. When the recession hit people started cutting back on the short holidays for the long holidays instead. In the essay I am going to be looking at how holidays in UK have been affected from the growth of online sources.
Understanding the type of audience which is going onto a travel website is really important for the market researchers so they know which group they need to target the most. Statistics show that women do more of the online booking then men. Women are always associated with being the homemaker and the one looking after the children if this is the case than a lot of travelling websites will do deals such as deals coming up the summer holidays were they know that children are of school and they want to go on holiday. Travel websites do not only break it down in genders but also in ages the statistic show that women between the ages of 35-49 are mainly the ones booking the holidays. This could be because they want to take more short trips than long term trips so they are always booking holidays. People on travel websites tend to be people between the ages of 25-34 this could be because they grew up with all the technology unlike people over 50 who are more use to going to the travel agent to find out information then doing it online also they may have asked their grandchildren to do the research for them as many pensioners are not as familiar with the new age technology.
Statistics and data which has been collected shows that women top destinations would be Paris, Dublin and Barcelona whist Dubai and Amsterdam was the top destination for men. People between the ages of 25-34 and 35-49 where the main ones searching for online bookings. This could because people under the age of 24 tend to go on holiday with their parents and they may not have as much money and people over 50 are not use to the modern technology. This makes people between 25-34 and 35-49 perfect target audience for short time breaks.
The most travel searched online travel website was closely followed by with the increase in social media people are now about to use their phones to book online. Social websites such as Twitter allows customers to follow travel agents so they know the latest on holiday prices and the cheapest places to be going. Travel websites that use social networking make the target audience more broad and expands the target audience. Other networks like Facebook allow viewers to ‘like’ pages of their website it not only allows the brand to expand but also makes it easier for them to realise the types of which are booking holidays on their websites. are now encouraging people to join their facebook website and if they do so they will get £50 off with their next booking this is not only because they want to get more ‘likes’ on their website but when people like pages it comes up on the ‘news feed’ which means all the contacts friends list will be able to see that they like the page which may make them want to also like the page.

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