Sunday, 13 November 2011

Clay Shirky

Shirky looks at the way media has developed over time but also the way the audience has transformed. There has been a big evolvement on the media in the last few years starting off as print press such as the newspapers and magazines then moved into the two way communications which was telephoning after which it moved to the recording of sound, movies and photos and now with the televisions and radio. Citizen reports are now becoming more common and people are doing this but using the social networks such as twitter and Facebook.
With all of the changes it has meant that the audience also had to develop so that they could stay on track with the new media . Shirky stated that people are able to get their message out there with one click of a button his examples was of the voting 2008 and of the earthquake which hit china. During the voting in America there was a fear that there would be voters oppression so the government created a website which allowed citizen reports images which was seen to be voters oppression this was a form of policing helping the community and making sure that everyone has a far chance in voting. Shirky stated that this was the largest increase in expensive capability in human history.
 the audience not only watch the news they can also be the ones breaking the news in china when the earthquake hit the Chinese civilians were the first people to break the news on twitter then BBC covered the earthquake. The Chinese government were allowing the people to post up pictures of the earthquake occurring but it turned into an attack on china and the way the country was being run this meant that the Chinese government had no other option but to shut down twitter in china because it was becoming so hard to control. The internet could be one of the hardest media to control because even if barriers are put up on certain websites people are always about to find ‘proxies’ to get in. As the audience is growing and developing it is becoming harder for people to ‘police’ the internet.
With all the new social networks the audience are now being feed with a lot of information which is allowing them to pick and choose and then re broadcast it allows consumers all to be connected with each other the consumers are now becoming producers Shirky sees this to be more of a scare change than anything else. Shirky stated that ‘ the media which is good in creating convocations is not good in creating groups and the media which is good in creating groups is not good in creating convocations.
Overall the media has developed in a big way with all the changes from the printing press to now the internet people are becoming more social online something which was not around. Audience are now being able to develop as media producers with all the websites such as ‘YouTube’ and ‘twitter’. This could be seen as a good thing as now people are able to share their views on certain topics or even better people are able to break news on these websites such as the ‘Hudson river’ and the china earthquake.

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