Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wiley Ft. Emeli Sande - Never Be Your Woman

The video of Wiley ft Emeli Sande  has really inspired me for my hip hop video. Even thought this is a UK grime track it still deals with the issues in his life and this is what Hip Hop is all about. The video deals with the many different stages of Wiley's life. It looks at the same conventions which hip hop also looks at. I like the fact that it is a narrative concept and performance is it gives it more levels. Women in genres such as UK grime and hip hop tend to portray themselves in a sexual male gaze way, on of the main things which stood out was that the female singer wasn't being seen in this light. this is something which i want to put into my own music video the idea that women need to be viewed in a more respectable way or events such as the starting scenes of my music video could occur.

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  1. As for the others, so for this. Be really specific, using lots of media language, and explain how this will inspire the music video you are going to create?