Tuesday, 18 October 2011

We Media

 We media is the way audience is now interacting with the media and how the audience are not just being listeners but also getting involved and being journalists and citizen reporters. We media has become accessible from things such as gossip blog, social networks and technology such as phones and digital cameras. 
The social network is becoming more popular with the new sites such as facebook and Twitter. This is allowing people to express their opinion but also allowing people to talk about serious events which are happening in the world such as the riots in London 2011 many people took to twitter and to facebook to express the way they felt about the crisis which was going but it also made people feel that they were a part of a community and brought many people closer.
Blogs and comments are becoming more popular websites such as BBC news and YouTube allow people to express themselves and allows them to comment on the news. Websites also such as blogspot.com allow people to write their perception of the news and how they see it. Blogs and comments also allow people to communicate with each other for example the websites which have been set up for family and friends who know someone in the army is allows people not only support but a better understanding of what other people are going through.
Citizen reports are allowing people to become more like journalists. This is allowing people to get news faster especially when big events occur which big news channels such as BBC and sky news can’t get to such as the Hudson river plane crash the fist picture of the incident was taken by a passerby who saw the plane in the river this was then posted on a social network and allowed news cooperation’s to get onto the scene.
The first image of the Hudson river plan crash was captured but a citizen reporter
  •  People have the opportunity to state their own opinion.
  •   It has the potential of bring communities together in times of anomie.
  • The we media allows people to express their opinions but it also allows people to write UN factual information online and people may believe the information which is being posted online.
  •  People make take advantage with the social network and create deviant activity for example during the London riots people were using the social networks to meet up.
  • Sometimes people may not want to hear about people’s opinions but want to hear the un bias view.

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