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pre production work

1- shooting schedule
Period 1 &2
Media lesson
Period 3&4
Shooting media video
Media lesson
Shooting media video
Period 5&6
Shooting media video
Shooting media video
Shooting media video
After school
Shooting media video
Shooting media video

Shooting media video

2- Roles and responsibility 
Lil Wayne :D
Me and my group have decided to create a hip hop music video based on the song by Lil Wayne (how to love) to ensure that we all have an input in the media coursework we have decided allocate job so we all take part in the video. The first member of the group will have the duty in looking for the correct locations for the video as we have come up with the scenes together they have the job in making sure that the ideas of the location we have on paper comes out in the music video. We have decided to write the story lines out together but we have three diffrent story lines going on at once so each member of the group will be writing their part of the story but we will have to come together ever so often to make sure that we are all on task and that the story lines still make sense and still interlink together. we have decided that once the shooting the video is out the way we will begin to edit out work but we will each take it in turns making sure that we all have a chance to do the editing but that we all have a chance to take part in the process of making the video. Another member of the group will have the duty in making sure that the videos which we are shooting is stalled in the correct place such as on a USB or on youtube they have the responsibly in making sure that it has been kept in a safe location and that people will not be able to see it until it is finished or we are doing market research.

Ama Adusei

Role within the group

  • Market Researcher: Responsible for the Market research of out chosen target audience. Searching for what we need that will be of favor to hip-hop fans.
  • Talent Scout: Searching for useful actors for the music video, suitable to the genre.
  • Actor: Major role within Music video.

Amina Bogle Barriteau 

Role within the Group

  • Editor: Edits the shots and film upon final cut pro, final editing upon all photos associated with artist, which is particularly used for the ancillary task.
  • Director: Focusing upon the cinematography, filming as the photographer at photo-shoots.
  • Actor: Plays major role within Music Video.

Faith Balogun

Role within the Group 

  • Costume Designer: Responsible for organising artist's and actors costumes, in music video as well as ancillary task.
  • Prop organiser: Researches props as well as supplier of props. 
  • Actor: Plays major role within Music Video.

4- location

    We used a setting of a long winded bridge to show how big the decision is to commit suicide. We wanted to use the size the bridge to intimidate the character and make her appear smaller

    We shown the artist in the studio
    which is usually present in hip-hop  

5. Details of our Music video 

    A. What is the video’s theme?
    Our group has to decided to used a suicidal and depression theme within our music video as it is closely matched to the subject matter of the lyrics. 

    B. What are its mood progressions?
    The mood progression deteriorates from contentment to deep depression. We aim to present this through characterization.we will be showing the diffrent moods with diffrent camera angles such as close ups so that the audience can see the charaters faces their will be mid shots being used to give a better understanding in the body language.we have decided to put certain shot into slow motion to build up the tension between the characters.

    C.What kind of location should each sequence have?
    there will be three separate stories being taken place in our music video we have decided that for the character who will be getting abused by her boyfriend she will be mostly seen outside as we felt gave it a change of setting as we mainly see abuse happening within a house we want to change up the conventions. the story line will lead them going to the hospital were she believes she has HIV we decided that it was going to create more of an effect and make it more personal. The second story line which will be in the music video will be of a girl who takes drugs we have decided to shot her scenes in dirty run down areas to give it more of an urban effect and make it more realistic as people who tend to take drugs to it in location were they are highly unlikely to be seen. Last story line is of a girl who hates the way she looks and has insecurity issues we decided that it would be best to film within a school as majority of bulling takes place within a school.

    D. What statement should each location make towards the video’s premise?
    Each setting would contribute to the narrative. The desolate forest would show the isolation of the character or the heights of the bridge would increase the intensity of the situation.

    E. How should each set be lit?
    As natural as possible to present realism.

    F. What kind of props go with the set?
    Items associated with drug use, beauty and sex. For example Condoms, pills, belts, mirrors, hair brushes and makeup. the props which we have decided to use are props which go well with the hip hop genre images of sex,drugs and abuse it was is seen within  hip hop music videos or are addressed at some stage.

    G. What kind of belongings do the characters keep around them?
    Faith's character - The Drug Addict: Pills and alcohol flask
    Ama's character -  Sexual: Condoms
    Amina's Character- Make up and mirrors

    H. What kind of clothes does each character wear and what do the clothes tell us?
    Faith's character - Tramp, ripped and dirty clothes shows how severity of drugs
    Ama's character -  School Uniform presents innocence 
    Amina's Character-  Purposefully unflattering outfits/ Tom boyish look enhances the idea of confusions of Identity.

    I. What colour palette and progression would promote the video’s thematic development?
    To keep a minimalist tone we are likely to use black and white or use and effect to make the colours appear pastel.  

    6- props

7. Shooting script questions:

A) What do you need to show to establish an environment?
Our group would need to focus upon specific settings that greatly contribute to the narrative. The use of establishing shots before important parts of the narrative will be useful as it allows the audience to become more engaged with the story and more aware of what it going on. The specific focus upon the mise-en-scene, in particular the iconography. The audience can gather connotations associated with the object and foreshadow the mood and tone of the environment.

B) When do you show establishing info?
The use of establishing shots will be most effective in the beginning of every scene change therefore the audience can easily follow the narrative as well as at the point of which the scene is most effective such as:- A zoom into a London block of estate as a fight occurs, the connection between the setting and the actions provides context to the story-line.

C) When do characters move and how to show movement?
The specific focus upon key actions made by the characters present within the shot will also ensure that the audience are aware of the state of the narrative. The use of tracking shots upon specific characters provides the audience a form of escapism, giving them spectator role within the narrative. It's better to split the shots when the character changed as it looks more professional and it refreshes the audience's mind which will especially be effective with our multi-narrative music video.

D) If relevant, at each significant moment , whose point of view are we sharing?
Our music video is structured by three sub narratives, therefore in order to showcase these mini narratives we have used diverse settings and different characters to establish the different points of view within the music video. We share a point of view from each character.

E) What are significant eyelines and when do they change?
Faith's eyelines: The tracking shot of her character running away, good use of tracking shot, the camera moves to the actions of her running enhancing the spectator feel of the audience, the shot finally changes when she does. The character looks around suspicious as the camera angles changes to a full body shot, to further play upon the character's paranoia as the audience can now see everything.

Amina's eyelines: The extreme close upon the character's face to express the view that the camera is is always watching your imperfections. Gives the impression of a candid camera, you are always on view to the world. The eyeline focuses directly upon the face and then they change to the character viewing herself in a mirror.

Ama's eyeline: The over the shoulder shot as we watch Ama's character gaze at the computer screen, the eyeline creeps over the shoulder so it expresses a for of secrecy, a learning of information that would potentially ruin a happy ending.
The eyeline changes then to another aspect of the mini narrative. The quick visual expressed the feeling of the character almost spying upon the character.

F) When or why does the camera move?
The camera moves as the story progresses, the camera movement is dependent upon the character moving however in some cases to highlight the character has left the shot the camera eyeline stays within one place. 

G) How can you use composition to show relationships (develop narrative (framing, focal length, arrangement of characters etc)
Within our narrative there are a lack of relationships as we focus upon the individual mindset and feelings however in particular we focus upon the abused/Hiv character's relationship with her violent boyfriend. We show the problems within their relationship by including shots that play on the connotations of being in an unhealthy relationship. The close upshots of being scared and the medium shots of being attacked.  

H) What kind of coverage do you need (critical movements should have more coverage/more editing options)?
In more specific shots that are key to telling the narrative we will include close up shots however contributing factors that are not as important to the narrative will more include medium shots. Because the editing upon our video is quite minimal we the special transitions and digital lighting will be used on key parts within the video.

8-story board

9- health and safety issues 

    1) When working upon the bridge we ensured that we that we did not go to over the edge with the acting and we ensured that the character did not have any fears or problems. We used a bridge where the barriers were 9ft long therefore there were risks involved.

    2) To avoid being prosecuted for trespassing we ensured we received permission when filming on private property and organised a set time to film.

    3) The fighting scene was mimed to ensure that actor did not receive any injury.

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  1. A good start to your media blog, Ama. Keep it up. This is a contender for blog of the week.

    What locations are you planning to use for the video? Will you be able to access the locations at the times you plan?

    Remember to post your Media Studies 2.0 research (see my blog is you've forgotten) and don't forget the UK holiday makers intenet use write up is due too.