Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The convention of genre: Hip Hop (part 3)

The video of BTNH is set in an urban location the area looks very rundown and looks like it would be a tough place to grow up in. The setting of the video is really important as the lyrics of the song would not make any sense if it was being shot in a place like Manhattan. The clothes which they wear show the type of characters they are but also, it shows that the video is being set in a modern day environment. It wants people to relate to the video and allow the audience to believe that they are one of them. Even though the band if famous for their music the clothes which they are wearing puts them at a lower status as this would be expected to be worn by the working class citizen. The facial expression throughout the video is very serious as it is a very serious subject. The body language which they are using in the video show that the band mates have been there before and they know what other people are going through.
J.Cole and BTNH use real settings and setting which have not being created this makes the video seem as real as possible but also allows the audience to believe that this could actually happen in the real world.
J.Cole video starts off being in the basketball courts, the way it has been set seems as if it is really happening, it allows people to understand the situation as in many cases an audience could have been in that same situation. The dressing in the video looks very modern with the ‘snapback hats’ which has only recently come back in fashion.
BTNH have really important values for their video it is a political statement, they want to make a change in the way people see them but thing such as the government institutions keep holding them back. Many people share this same idea so more people will be likely to listen to the song get the understanding of the song. On the other had the values in J.Cole work out is less political and more about him getting a girl that he loves.
Even thought work out and I tried is very different in terms of the reasons behind the lyrics it shares similar traits. Overall the way the Hip Hop uses its conventions has been portrayed throughout the whole video it has given me a better understanding why certain things have been put in the video and why the video was created in the first place. By having to annotate and evaluate a hip hop video it has allowed me get ideas of the sort of video which I will be doing.

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  1. If you can, add in some still images and embedded video content to illustrate your points and break up the text a bit.