Monday, 17 October 2011

The convention of genre: Hip Hop (part 1)

Run DMC- It's Tricky hip hop from the start 
Hip hop was created in 1970s in New York City. They used the music to express themselves it was mainly African- American, Asians and Latinos. Hip hop music tends to be loud with drums and beats, people don’t just see hip hop to be a music genre but also the way people talk and dress. Hip hop songs tends to tell stories about the artists life and the struggles they have been through or about the life they are living now, it gives artists a sense of expression. I have decided to compare two different hip hop videos so that it could give me a better understanding on the hip hop conventions and help me create a better starting point for my own hip hop music video. The two music videos which i have decided to compare is:
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft Akon (I tried).

J.Cole (work out

Both of the videos give a background understanding of the storyline before it starts and they are able to do this by the close ups and snap shots of the location which they are in. we are shown  the people which are involved in the video. The second shot which stood out to me as being one of the ones which was used most was the mid shots this was used once the video has started and was telling a narrative or if there was performance. This allows the narrative or performance to seem more realistic as this is what they would be seeing if they were really there.  Also, unlike close ups, it gives the audience a better understanding of the atmosphere around the performer. The third shot which was really predominant was the angle shots mainly the high angle but also the low angle.
BTNH’s video is about trying hard to succeed in something and achieving it, the low angel shot makes the artist seem more powerful.  This camera shot is mainly used at the end of the video to show how they have achieved and broken the stereotype of the ideal criminal.  The shot is then used to show the way they are feeling, they feel powerful and in control.
On the other hand J.Cole’s video has a lot of high angle shots and shows the overview of the surroundings.  High angle shots are mainly used when a person is feeling vulnerable or powerless, this shot is mainly used when J.Cole is around the girl he has fallen in love with, this could be an explanation for the high angle shot as he could be feeling ‘shy’ and ‘helpless’. 
The close up, mid shot and high & low angle shot were the main camera shots which I recognised in both of the hip hop videos, all three of these shots were used but they were all used in different ways to have different effects on the audience, the people watching it.

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