Monday, 14 May 2012

My media diary

At the start of my media coursework i created a media diary were logged all the changes and the thing which i was going to be including.

Introduction 10/01/2012
with the research we had we were able to come to a conclusion that our artist was going to be called J Hustle and that we wanted it to target women. During the 10th and 17th  we were able to create a 9 pre production which was able to help for the basis of our music video
 First Draft 17/01/2012
Today we created our one minute extract which was based on the song J. Cole- work out  we decided to use i move as this is something which we are familiar with as we used this last year in creating our promotional video. we were able to get some filming done for our real music video we feel that it would be better if we did the final music video on final cut pro.

- After the photo shoot 22/01/2012
we decided today was going to be the day when we had our photo shoot. I proposed an idea that we could create a sort of street team like in a magazine or something kind of reminiscent of a record label... Young Money, MMG money group and Bad Boys Records.

overall i am really happy with the outcome of today i thought it was going to be worse as i knew it was going to take a long time and i was not sure if the boys would remain focused but they did. i can now start on my ancillary task.

we have been working hard all day because we have our showcase tomorrow where all our friends and family will be able to watch it. we made sure that everything was in order so that we had something to show

we were able to show our music video we received good and positive feedback after the showcase we can together as group to discuss what our next move in making the music video even better this was when we decided to make it black and white this was  essential to final draft making it so much more stronger in terms to emotion we wanted to connect with the audience and we though that this would be the best way.

We are finally finished the music video we have cut down the video from 6:45 minutes to 4:40 which is more regular for music videos. I am so proud of me and my group we were able to cut it down but still get the important information which is needed 

the deadline for our media blog is approaching and i am getting a little stressed i hope i can post everything up in time. my evaluation is looking good and i think a few more slides just need to be put in and making it look more like media as their is a lot of writing i want to put more images and still shots of the music video.

after all of that i was able to get everything posted up i hope i have done enough to get a good grade but only time will tell.

Ama xx

Thursday, 10 May 2012

final digipak

Audience feedback

Ras Zacharri- Ancillary Adverts

The colour scheme shows a lot of greens The convention of the colour green promotes naturalistic theme and It's associated with the new growth of spring, prosperity, and clean, fresh air.The colours reflects his name his herbs tend to be the colour green. The image it self reflect the idea of the calm nature as he has a very peaceful look.The font which has been used it very bold and eye catching to the audience .With no image of the album cover it makes it difficult for the album to look for the actual product showing a advertisement flaw.   

Chris Brown- Ancillary Adverts

This is a magazine promotional ad for Chris Browns album known as 'Graffiti' this was an album which was realsed when he was going through a lot in his personal life which affected him also in his professional life. This was known as Chris Browns come back album he wanted people to like him again. The colours which have been used are colours which are seen traditionally in hip hop promotional. The colour black tends to be associated with depression and death, I believe he used the colour black as a way of him expressing how people feel about his career people's view was that he would not be able to come back, and he was gone for good so in a sense his career was dead. I believe that the reason why the graffiti has been written with light in the background this is him saying to the world that their is hope for him he knows that he will be able to make a comeback even if people doubt him. Chris Brown has a image of his bare chest this is him saying this is who i am take it or leave it i feel like this is showing his vulnerable side but its also appealing to the female gaze. The product is a very simple pieces with artist that have been around for a long period of time they don't feel the need to create a big. This has given me a lot to think about for me when coming to create my own magazine adverts as this is a new artist i may need to find colour that still fit into the conventions of hip hop but needs to be eye catching so people are aware of him

one minute extract

I created a one minute extract based on the song/video J.cole- work out. I wanted to create something simple but still effective and was like the original version of the music video. I decided use 'I movie' as this was a program which i used in year 12 to create my promotional video.Even though I had used it in year 12 I knew that to brush up on my work.
 our one minute extracts look at a boy who is interested in basketball and comes across a girl which he really likes, they end up together and walk away. I used a range of skills in making this one minute extract such as reverse shot. The original has a very bright contrasting effect this was something which i also wanted to incorporate in the extract.
 As a group we knew that we wanted our artist J- Hustle to lip sing in the real music video, this extract allowed up to improve our skills in making the song and the mouth moment of the artist go with each other. Not only did we use editing skills we also used different types of camera skills such as tracking the two young females when they walk into the basketball court and having several long shots and mid shots. our chosen music video conformed to the conventions of the traditional hip hop music video, the idea of the women have strong sex appeal was still very strong within this music video.
 During my course it has allowed me to look at hip hop and the different codes and conventions. The urban setting is something which is seen in a lot of hip hop music videos it allows it to look more realistic but also fell into the whole idea of hip hop being a way of life and living. The whole idea of the young black boy riding a bike and then going into a basketball court is something which would be seen in urban UK hip hop music videos. Creating this music video allowed me to realise that using 'i movie' was something which i didn't feel would work well with my ideas of the J-Hustle music video i wanted it to look sophisticated this was something which i didn't that it would be able to do.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Market Research

Our coursework group did market research in attempt to create an identity of our Music Artist and album. Here are the results we obtained from our questionnaire of 20 people and the feedback used to lead to many of our decisions for our album

Question1: Are you male or female? 
  1. Male  10
  2. Female 10
    we decided to give the questionnaire to 10 girls and 10 boys so that we could get a general opinion on what we wanted. 
Question 2: what age group do you fall into? 
  1. Under 15 1
  2. 16-21 9
  3. 22-26 7
  4. 27+ 3
    We also gave the questionnaire to different age groups. 16-21year olds had answered the questionnaire the most which gave us the idea of the age group we would cater to.
Question 3: what genre of music do you most prefer? 
  1. Pop 2
  2. Hip hop/ RnB12
  3. Soul  3
  4. Classic 0
  5. Jazz  0
  6. Country 0
  7. Indie  3
  8. Other _____________ 
    we found that hip hop and RnB was the most popular genre which was followed by soul and indie music. classic and jazz scored zero which gave us the idea that  the age group we wanted to target didn't like such music because maybe it was not during their time.

Question 4: what name do you feel will be more suitable for the hip hop artist? 
  1. Hustle 17
  2. Joey stacks  1
  3. Killer 1
  4. Lil JJ  1
  5. Other _________________ 0
    Another important question we wanted to ask the group is the name of what our artist will be. we combined a list of obvious hip hop names that people give themselves and used that on our questionnaire . J Hustle was the most popular which had 17/20 of the people wanting it as our artist name.
Question 5: we have decided to use a  track of Lil Wayne – which song of his songs do you think will represent our Artist? 
  1. Stole  2
  2. How to love 14
  3. Love lost 2
  4. Hope 2
  5. Other _______________ 
    To complete some of the features of creating a new artist we asked which on of these track titles would be used. How to love was the most popular and we then used this to set a scene for our music video. 

Question 6: which name do you feel is best suited with a hip hop artist album? 
  1. Catch me  if you can volume 7
  2. Better than ever 3
  3. Come and get me  5
  4. How you like me now 5
    The album name was also something we wanted to create so that it will relate to the track song and we used come and get me instead of the top scored one catch me if you can. Come and get me sounds like something new which would scream out as an album name if it was put on shelves. 

Question 7: what artist in the hip hop music industry do you feel is best suited to play out role of our music artist? 
  1. Jay z 2
  2. Lil wayne 7
  3. Bird man  3
  4. 50 cent 6
  5. Tinie tempah  2

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Mind map

I have created a mind  map for my digi pak these are things which could be seen in a digi pak and things which i will be including in my own digi pak.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Rolling papers ( Wiz khalifa) digi pak

Wiz khalifa came out big in 2011 with the single 'Black and Yellow' after which followed his album 'Rolling papers' which was also a big success.Even thought Wiz khalifa has been out for a long time he was more of an underground artist he was not known on the global scale this was the album which made him known by many hip hop fans. That being said the art on the album cover has a close up picture of him which has been put into smoke this is to show the audience who he is and close ups tend to show power this is what wiz khalifa is trying to portray that he is here and he is not going anyway. The image being put into green smoke is the smoke from the weed which he is known to do and the album name which refers to smoking weed once again the album uses dark colours and the main predominant colour is black this is something which is common in hip hop.
The back and front all use the same colours the album is very consistent with its colours this is something which i should also consider when coming to create my digi pak the image once again is in green smoke which spells out his name he is trying to make a statement which this album as a somewhat new artist this is also something which i need to consider when i come and create J Hussles first album.
The album name and colours which have been used in creating this album show to the audience that the theme for the album is mainly yo do with smoking weed.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

I am Sasha Fierce (Beyonce) digi pak analysis

As part of my media coursework i have decided to create a Music video aswell as a Digi pak. For me to get a better understand and to make my digi pak as accurate a possible i have decided to analyses  some of the digi pak which atrisit in my music genre have already created.
 The first album i have decided to analyse is 'Beyonce- I am Sasha fierce'.

 Beyonce is known to be an RnB artist she has emotional slow love song but for this album she created a second persona which was know as Sasha fierce. The art work for this album displayed Beyonce but also displayed this new persona which she has. The front cover of the album is the Beyonce which people already know the one which shows her vulnerable side. The cover is in black and white this is common colours used for Hip Hop and RnB'.

The back cover for 'Beyonce's- I am Sasha fierce' has her alter ego we are given a mid shot of her and her top is in colours these are colours which people would associate with hip hop and RnB. Gold is used a lot in the hip hop genre this is to show off their wealth and status this is also what beyonce her auto ego has also done.
Throughout beyonce digi pak the only colours which she uses is black,white and gold theses are very common colours which are used in the hip hop industry. the art work of the albums are very simple but also very effective.she doesn't have much going on something which i have notice through all the digi paks which i have been looking at.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Audience - Initial branding

With the case study of creating an artists, track and album name me and my group went straight to the drawing board to come up with the best possible names for a hip hop artist. we wanted  a new fresh name but one which represented the market which we were trying to attract.we came up with a wide range of names for the artists such as 'Joey Stacks' 'Lil JJ' 'killer'. we finally came to a conclusion that the name J Hussle more suitable for our artist but to ensure that the audience would feel the same we carried out a primary and secondary research. we not only went around asking our target audience if they felt that this name would be successful and would attract them to listen to J Hussle but we also had to make sure that their was no other artist under this name and this is where out secondary research came in.
We decided on the song Lil Wayne- 'How to love' we loved the message which is was sending out and felt that we could do a lot with the song. We wanted to keep the title the same as we felt that it was sending out the message we were trying to portray.we did give alternatives to track names to our audience in our questionnaire which were 'stole' 'love lost' 'hope' and we also allowed the to give name if they didn't think non of the above names were appropriate.

cast members

J Hustle the main artist we are using for our music video. His task is to sing the choruses and verses in the song How to love as this is the song we are using.  The reason behind his name beign J Hustle is that it fits the market criteria for hip hop we were able to find the name for our artist during our initial research we gave them a variety of name to pick from and J hustle was agree by the majority that this would be more of an effective name it was clear that the name fitted into the conventions of hip hop
Ben(left)- he is the abusive husband in the relationship who abuses his wife played by ama. his role is to bring out the emotion within the song and show actions of abuse to his wife. We used him because he looked suited for the role we wanted him to play.

Ama- Ama thought her life was on its way up when she fell in love with Ben but was mistake because 6 months into the marriage he became abusive. Ama has been putting up with her violent husband for several years because she believes this is what love really is.when she discovers she has a chance of catching HIV she has no other choice but to leave the situation before its too late.
Faith- Faith lost her mother at child birth and her father was sent to prison on her 10th birthday. Faith has been through so much and with the death of the grandma at 15 has made her turn to drug abuse. she is so depressed with her life and so high from the drugs she ends up taking and overdose.

Amina- Amina has suffered from bulling throughout her life due to this is dealing with insecurity issues. Her not having a loving mother and father has made it hard for her to turn to anyone. she has reached the stage were she feels that the only way to get out of her nightmare is to take her own life.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hip Hop from the start

Thursday, 26 January 2012

what has been the impact on the internet on media production ?

Shirky believes that all forms of media are moving to the internet this could be seen to be true with the growth of 'Itunes' and mix tape downloading online their has been a fall in the amount of people buying albums in stores as now people can get it one day in advanced on, in without having to queue. With 'I tune' coming online it has allowed audience to pick and choose the different songs which they want to listen to they have the choice of not buying the whole album. with this being said it makes the artist not want to perform to their full potential when making a album.
Piracy- this is when the consumers/ audience share videos and films without having the right to do so. piracy is a criminal offence  but many still do it. The disadvantage with piracy is that it stops artists or actors from making films because they know that they will not get the earnings which is due and people can watch the films online. piracy does not only prevent people from producing their work but it also challenges the ownership

Monday, 28 November 2011

Slingbox Vs Joost

A slingbox was created to allow people to video record TV shows from their mobile phone.This is also known as TV streaming media this allows audience to control what their are viewing whether it is their cable or their personal video recording.A Slingbox can redirect one of its inputs to one computer or mobile device located on a local network or remotely, when using a broadband internet connection, anywhere in the world.
Joost started developing in 2006 in american by Niklas Zennstom. it was created so that people would be able to watch TV online in 2008 it was changed to use a flash base player instead of a Mozilla based desktop player. Joost wants to become an on demand TV without having to rely on a boxset. 

social network & blogging 3.0

Twitter is the new social network which taking the internet by storm twitter was laughched in 2006 it started off slowly but gained 300 million users  by 2011. Twitter was launched by Jack Dorsey it is a place were people can write what is on their mind and share music and images.
Google opensocial-
OpenSocial is an applican which was created by Google with other social networks.It was realised in November 1st 2007OpenSocial is commonly described as a more open cross-platform alternative to the Facebook Platform, a proprietary service of the popular social network service Facebook.After launching Facebook Platform in late May 2007,as well as acquiring startup web desktop company, parakey in mid-July 2007,the fast-growing Facebook has been widely reported as a challenger to Google in establishing and leveraging a ubiquitous web operating system.


Powerset is an american based software for the internet that was created to create a natural language search engine. Powerset is a software that makes it easier for people who use the internet to refine their search it takes the keywords for the question which its being asked and uses the keywords to find the information.

Web 3.0

Sonja Hyde- Moyer 

Overall Sonja Hyde believes that the web will keep developing and the speed of the development we need to start making the next one before it catches up on us.

Richard MacManus

We should not be in a rush to develop the new webs we should allow it to come to us naturally just as web 2.0 did.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Clay Shirky

Shirky looks at the way media has developed over time but also the way the audience has transformed. There has been a big evolvement on the media in the last few years starting off as print press such as the newspapers and magazines then moved into the two way communications which was telephoning after which it moved to the recording of sound, movies and photos and now with the televisions and radio. Citizen reports are now becoming more common and people are doing this but using the social networks such as twitter and Facebook.
With all of the changes it has meant that the audience also had to develop so that they could stay on track with the new media . Shirky stated that people are able to get their message out there with one click of a button his examples was of the voting 2008 and of the earthquake which hit china. During the voting in America there was a fear that there would be voters oppression so the government created a website which allowed citizen reports images which was seen to be voters oppression this was a form of policing helping the community and making sure that everyone has a far chance in voting. Shirky stated that this was the largest increase in expensive capability in human history.
 the audience not only watch the news they can also be the ones breaking the news in china when the earthquake hit the Chinese civilians were the first people to break the news on twitter then BBC covered the earthquake. The Chinese government were allowing the people to post up pictures of the earthquake occurring but it turned into an attack on china and the way the country was being run this meant that the Chinese government had no other option but to shut down twitter in china because it was becoming so hard to control. The internet could be one of the hardest media to control because even if barriers are put up on certain websites people are always about to find ‘proxies’ to get in. As the audience is growing and developing it is becoming harder for people to ‘police’ the internet.
With all the new social networks the audience are now being feed with a lot of information which is allowing them to pick and choose and then re broadcast it allows consumers all to be connected with each other the consumers are now becoming producers Shirky sees this to be more of a scare change than anything else. Shirky stated that ‘ the media which is good in creating convocations is not good in creating groups and the media which is good in creating groups is not good in creating convocations.
Overall the media has developed in a big way with all the changes from the printing press to now the internet people are becoming more social online something which was not around. Audience are now being able to develop as media producers with all the websites such as ‘YouTube’ and ‘twitter’. This could be seen as a good thing as now people are able to share their views on certain topics or even better people are able to break news on these websites such as the ‘Hudson river’ and the china earthquake.